Moggin’ Around

In which I change my mind. Again.

In my previous post about tranmogrification, the characters I showcased were mogged into basically tier sets or matching sets of gear. This second post is more about making custom transmog sets that use armor pieces that do not necessarily come in a set or that can be combined with other armor pieces to make something unique looking.

My baby worgen rogue, Rhanek, (who isn’t so much a baby, he’s level 71 for chrissakes) I had originally planned to get the Bloodfang armor set out of Blackwing Lair for. However, at this time I have only been able to get the gloves, belt and boots. I knew the Burning Crusade offered a couple of recolor sets, one in a dark blue/black combination and a second in a washed out maroon/silver combination. Neither were very attractive in my opinion but I decided to gather the maroon/silver combination from Karazhan since the blue/black version didn’t really look very menacing to me.

In the process of gathering the maroonfang set, I found another set of gear that had some appealing pieces: the Opportunist’s Battlegear – the beginner’s faction PvP set that only required honored reputation from the various BC factions. The Opportunist’s Battlegear is a pretty attractive set (save for the helm, it looks like a funky muzzle on worgen) and was fairly easy to obtain by running a few heroics with my paladin dragging Rhanek along. At this point I decided to combine all three gear sets to make something unique.

The nice part about the three sets of gear I picked out, is the fact that while the colors are not exact between the sets, they still complement one another and present a cohesive set.



The good, the bad and the what the @#$% was I thinking?

Transmorgrification has officially made it into my Top Ten Things I Love About WoW list. No longer do I have to worry about my characters looking like they fell out of a rag bag or the dreaded rainbow clown vomit of the Burning Crusade. However, since its announcement and implementation, I have found myself basically playing dressup or paper dolls with my characters as I attempt to find the “perfect” transmog outfit for all my characters. I have had more success with some than others.


The good.

So way back when Transmogrification was announced, I immediately knew what I was transmog’ing for several of my characters. Haitia (druid) still had her Cenarion Rainment from way back in Vanilla, Ophélia (priest) had been collecting all the pieces to the white offcolor Absolution set,  Rwn (mage) was gathering the Tirisfal Regalia and I had Leralie (paladin) collecting as much of the Judgement set as possible.

Now the Cenarion Rainment has sentimental value as I was first person in my Vanilla guild to get all of their class set from raiding Molten Core (“Hey! My bush is sexy!” D’oh). Ophélia spent much of Wrath looking like a warlock and that really made me sad so I wanted a transmog set that would look very priest-like, i.e. white. The Judgement set has always in my mind been the pinnacle of the best looking paladin armor ever, I know everyone and their dog will put their paladin in it – but I don’t care, I love it. Leralie just needs a nifty shield to match.


The bad.

Now, there were some of my characters that I had no friggin’ clue what I wanted to transmog for them. One of the culprits was my warlock, Lerali. The trouble with her is that while I love her to bits, I’m not a very good warlock. In my head, she is something of a reluctant warlock and therefor should be reflected in her transmog outfit. Most of the warlock sets out there are very heavy on the whole demonic, helfire, death, fire and taxes look which is appropriate for the warlock – but not my warlock.

Had I my rathers, I would have put her in red offcolor pvp Absolution set, however, that set is priest specific (much to my consternation). The only other alternative is the white offcolor which would make her look like a priest and that will not be happening, so for the time being she’s in the Deadly Gladiator’s Felweave set. Hopefully Mist of Pandoria will bring something cool.


What the @#$% was I thinking?

My hunter, Lerai, was another problem child. Much of the hunter armor sets out there were not in line with how I envisioned her. She’s a young draenei, a sharp shooter who is in touch with her animal companions and has a background in the draenei armed forces as a tracker and sniper (I have no idea if this works within the lore to any extent but its how I see her). I’d nearly thrown my hands up at the prospect of her having a nice transmog set until I stumbled up the WoW Roleplay Gear and found the Mistshroud set.

What I love about the Mistshroud set is that it is a mail set that doesn’t look like mail. However, when I decided to gather up the set, I completely missed the awesome guide that was available at WoW Roleplay Gear and just started haphazardly gathering stuff via Wowhead research. Little did I know I was going to need to be exalted with the Consortium. Anyway I grinded it out and have managed to get all the pieces save the boots. I didn’t opt for the head piece because it was ugly and went with one of the few mail eye patches in the game (I know it doesn’t make any sense for a sharp shooter to wear an eyepatch but whatever, I like it). The only other thing I would have loved to get for Lerai’s transmog set is the Black Bow of the Betrayer that drops from Illidan in Black Temple, but I didn’t have any luck getting it. Instead, I went with the Golden Bow of Quel’Danas (or whatever its called – it drops from the twins in Sunwell) and I think I like it better.