Moggin’ Around

In which I change my mind. Again.

In my previous post about tranmogrification, the characters I showcased were mogged into basically tier sets or matching sets of gear. This second post is more about making custom transmog sets that use armor pieces that do not necessarily come in a set or that can be combined with other armor pieces to make something unique looking.

My baby worgen rogue, Rhanek, (who isn’t so much a baby, he’s level 71 for chrissakes) I had originally planned to get the Bloodfang armor set out of Blackwing Lair for. However, at this time I have only been able to get the gloves, belt and boots. I knew the Burning Crusade offered a couple of recolor sets, one in a dark blue/black combination and a second in a washed out maroon/silver combination. Neither were very attractive in my opinion but I decided to gather the maroon/silver combination from Karazhan since the blue/black version didn’t really look very menacing to me.

In the process of gathering the maroonfang set, I found another set of gear that had some appealing pieces: the Opportunist’s Battlegear – the beginner’s faction PvP set that only required honored reputation from the various BC factions. The Opportunist’s Battlegear is a pretty attractive set (save for the helm, it looks like a funky muzzle on worgen) and was fairly easy to obtain by running a few heroics with my paladin dragging Rhanek along. At this point I decided to combine all three gear sets to make something unique.

The nice part about the three sets of gear I picked out, is the fact that while the colors are not exact between the sets, they still complement one another and present a cohesive set.

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